Emerio 381955 - Emerio HP-108628 Kochfeld Elektro / Glaskeramik / 24.9 cm / Infrarot Kochplatte / weiß - Für alle flachen Kochgeschirre geeignet. Aufheizzeit: 30 Sekunden. Kontrollleuchte. Hochwertige Glasplatte mit 17, 7cm Durchmesser. Emerio infrarot Kochplatte Einstellbares Thermostat.

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Philips OneBlade, Trimmen, Stylen, Rasieren / 4 Trimmeraufsätze, 1 Ersatzklinge QP2530/30

Philips QP2530/30 - 4 trimmeraufsätze. Create perfect edges and sharp lines with the dual-sided blade. Attach one of the click-on combs to get the even stubble length you want. This new hybrid styler can trim, shave and create clean lines and edges, on any length of hair. You can also shave with or without foam - whichever you prefer.

Der einzigartige oneblade kann jede Barthaarlänge trimmen, stylen und rasieren. Oneblade does it all. For optimal performance, you will only need to replace the blade every 4 months*. The unique oneblade shaving technology integrates a fast moving cutter 200 x per second with a dual protection system - giving you an efficient, comfortable shave on longer hair.

Philips OneBlade, Trimmen, Stylen, Rasieren / 4 Trimmeraufsätze, 1 Ersatzklinge QP2530/30 - Forget about using multiple steps and tools. 1 mm for a 5 o'clock, 2 mm for stubble, 3 mm for a tight trim and 5 mm for long stubble. Get a perfect edge on your style with the dual-sided blade. You can shave in either direction to get great visibility and see every hair that you're cutting. Lieferumfang: oneblade handstück, 4 aufsteckbare Trimmeraufsätze 1 mm, 3 mm, 2 mm, 1 ersatzklinge, 5 mm.

Produkt wird in frustfreier Verpackung geliefert. It stays comfortable even in sensitive areas, so it's fast and easy to line up your style in seconds.

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